Le Mystère des Faluns

Le Mystère des Faluns

Les Perrières
7 rue d’Anjou
49700 Doué-en-Anjou

Le Mystère des Faluns : Embark on a fascinating cave adventure

The site is a real heritage treasure and a listed remarkable environmental site. It consists of underground galleries 15 to 20 metres high. Falun, local shelly sand, was deposited by the sea about 10 million years ago and then hollowed out by man during the 18th and 19th centuries. After being used as a mushroom farm, dwellings and then renovated into a tourist attraction (including exceptional accomodation) during the 1980’s, the site now bursts to life thanks to the magical staging created by the agency Lucie Lom, known as Le Mystère des Faluns.

Le Mystère des Faluns, offers an artistic walk throught the wonderful underground galleries at Les Perrières… and a journey through the geological and human history of this site. During your tour of the galleries carved out by quarrymen, you will discover some whole ancient world. From one cave to the next, the walls of faluns (shell sand) will reveal you the site’s history, so pay close attention…

Between light projections on the rock, sound productions, an encounter with jellyfish, a shark and more, with each scene inspired by science, you will explore an important stage in the history of Les Perrières. The magical sound and light effects at Le Mystère des Faluns, offer a sensory experience full of poetry. 

The experience is about one hour long , and is accessible by anyone.

After your tour

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